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Climbing Club

Climbing Club is an awesome opportunity to gain confidence, make friends, and learn an exciting sport in a safe and friendly environment. All levels of climbing experience and ability are welcome!  At Climbing Club, students will learn how to safely boulder, top rope, and lead climb inside Eagle County's premiere climbing gym, Eagle Climbing and Fitness. The environment is relaxed and welcoming, which is the perfect way to meet new people and forge new friendships with students across all grade levels, all while getting a great workout in!  All students who join climbing club will need to sign a liability waiver through Eagle Climbing and Fitness as well as pay for their use of the facility. For more information on the waiver or pricing, visit Eagle Climbing and Fitness' website here

Eagle Climbing and Fitness also offers rental gear like harnesses, shoes, and belay devices. Students can also bring their own harness and shoes if they choose to as well.  If you have any questions and/or want to learn more about climbing club visit Eagle Climbing and Fitness' website here. Come raise your altitude with EVHS Climbing Club!"