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Athletic Trainer

Amy Wheeler

Amy Wheeler MS ATC CES

Athletic Trainer
Eagle Valley High School
Vail Health | The Steadman Clinic
Cell (970) 376.8728
Office (970) 328.7433

While ideally no one would ever get injured, Amy’s job is to help athletes return to sports as quickly and safely as possible.

What is an athletic trainer?

Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers work under the direction of a physician as prescribed by state licensure statutes. To learn more about athletic trainers:

About Amy

Amy has been with us at EVHS since 2016 and an athletic trainer since 2004 practicing in Ohio. Her services are provided through a partnership between Vail Health, the Steadman Clinic, and Eagle County Schools.  When Amy isn’t taking care of our EVHS athletes you‘ll probably find her outside from the trails to rivers with her husband Andy and dog Roo.

Are you injured or hurt?

Appointments for new injures are preferred but walkins are taken as time allows.

Please use the appointment link

Athletes needing first aid or have a serious acute injury will be seen without need for an appointment during daily AT room hours.

After a new injury evaluation,  daily rehab does not require an appointment unless 1v1 time is needed with Amy for treatment or rehab progression.

How to find Amy

Amy’s weekly schedule can be found posted outside her room or on social media @devilsatc

Please note varying closure times due to game coverage

Athletic Training Room Flow

Regardless if you have an appointment PLEASE SIGN IN EVERY DAY on the computer or using the WHITE QR code.

The sign in is a legal requirement and one of the ways your coach will receive injury info about you

If you have an appointment we will be with you shortly.

If you’re an established injury please get started on your rehab and check in as we become available.

If you just need a band-aid or first aid hop up on the counter after you sign in

Daily rehab is required to be taped for almost all injuries. Complete your prescribed rehab then have a seat on the counter when there is room.


Sign in every time you’re in the AT room

Put in the work to get better

Rehab is every day until pain free for 2 weeks and you’ve checked in with Amy

Rehab is challenging but isn’t painful

Tell Amy when an exercise gets easy or make a rehab progress appt

Progress back slowly into your sport with Amy’s help, don’t do too much too fast

Ask questions

Please spray and wipe your table, and spray equipment when you’re done

If you are still able to participate in your sport while injured most of the rehab I prescribe takes less than 15 min to complete

I encourage you to use “off hours”  in the afternoon if you do not have other academic obligations.

Ankle braces

Several studies have shown that  lace up ankle braces consistent perform better than tape as they can be tightened after the initial application

With this knowledge, following an ankle injury we quickly move athletes into a lace up brace as they continue with rehab and progress back into their sport

An good brace will lace up, fit your foot snuggly, fit into your cleat. It could have additional stabilization straps.

These braces should be replaced after each season

Amy has a range of sizes you can try on to ensure it is a correct fir before you purchase off the internet.

Please see her ankle brace info page LINK


You went to the doctor for your injury

Legally we need Doctor’s Note for Clearance to Return to Play

If you see Doctor regardless if we evaluated you or referred we need physician notes about the diagnosis and treatment plan

Most times you need to ask your doctor for this note.

I would encourage you to do this with physical therapists or chiropractors you are seeing as well so we can coordinate your care.


  • This is a computerized test giving us a baseline as another tool available to the physicians to help you return to play safely following a concussion. Use by local physicians varies. This test can now be taken at home in about 45 min. Please email me if you are interested in completing a baseline test. It’s free through Vail Health’s help.

Concussion form LINK


we can use the same wording as BMHS but please add the sentence: Please email Amy to request your code.


If an athlete has tested positive for COVID-19 the athlete must follow the Eagle County Public Health Guidelines on Isolation due to a positive test

If the athlete has a moderate or severe prolonged illness a physicians clearance is required. Those with mild illness do not need formal clearance from their doctor.

Please contact Amy promptly following your positive test so she can help coordinate your return to play.

Covid info LINK