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Grading and Ranking

Grades are given on a letter scale: A, B, C, D, and F. AP and Dual Enrollment classes are weighted by 1.0. GPA is calculated using only semester grades to include all coursework. Class rankings are based on weighted cumulative GPA.
Regular                 Weighted
A: 90-100   4.0    5.0  Excellent
B: 80-89     3.0    4.0  Above Average
C: 70-79      2.0    3.0  Average
D: 60-69      1.0    1.0  Below Average
F: below 60 0.0   0.0  Failing

P = Passing Credit earned/not included in GPA. WP = Passing at withdrawal/not included in GPA. WF = Failing at withdrawal/F in GPA. NG = No grade given/not included in GPA. NC = No credit given.

With approval students may retake a course for which they have failed or received a D. The new grade becomes the official grade on the transcript. The previous grade appears as an NC for No credit.