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The EVHS Counseling Team Will: 

  • Consult and collaborate to provide academic, personal/social, college/career, and developmental support to students.
  • Advocate on the behalf of all students to ensure that each student becomes academically and personally successful.
  • Provide academic support services, organizational skills, post-secondary planning, educational goal setting, and personal counseling.
  • Support development of Section 504 for students who have disabilities.
  • Create a safe place in the Eagle Valley High School community of all students. 
  • Believes that we can help to create a better world where everyone has the opportunity to become their best selves. 

Our department's mission is to empower every student to reach their full potential. We aim to empower all students as lifelong learners through different services including: group and individual counseling, innovative and challenging classroom curriculum, academic, career and college planning, crisis intervention, and student and family advocacy. Our goal is to assist all students in becoming productive members of their school community and society who are fully prepared for the demands of today and the future.

We have a vision that, after engaging in Eagle Valley High School’s comprehensive school counseling program, our students are self-aware of their unique capabilities. Each student is a responsible and productive citizen inspired to share their personal strengths and interests. Reaching to collaborate with others using empathy, confidence, and a strong sense of individuality, each student aims to achieve their particular academic, career, and social/emotional goals. Each student has a sense of efficacy within our growing, and always changing, global society. ​​

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