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Bookkeeping Office

Bookkeeping Office
Ms. Aberle

Monday thru Friday
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Student Billing Statements
Student fees are due each semester and prior to the first competition for athletics. Billing statements will be sent electronically on a monthly basis if there is a balance due. The district fee list for  2023-24 SY may be found here. Fees are assessed based on student class schedules as listed in PowerSchool. 

Free/Reduced Lunch Status & School Fees
The school district will honor the free/reduced status of your lunch program for school fees. You may opt in during the application process to have fees adjusted automatically or provide your confirmation letter to the Bookkeeper. Students approved for free lunch will have fees waived; reduced lunch will receive a 50% discount. Please note that not all fees qualify for free/reduced discounts, for example, yearbook and athletic card fees cannot be adjusted. In order to receive free/reduced fee benefits, you will need to apply at this link at the beginning of every school year.